Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Wonderful Day!

Today has been a great day for Danny!

Today has been the best day since chemo started! The medication from yesterday and the reintroduction of the nausea medication must be the perfect cocktail. This morning he felt so good he actually cooked the kids breakfast and was able to eat with them before school.

He was able to drive himself to the doctors office right here in Waterford for his shot today. Which was a huge help because I had a meeting for work that I needed to attend. Sandra, Danny's mom was going to take him to the doctor but unfortunately Larry, Danny's Dad was admitted to the hospital early this morning with chest pain. The doctors first thought it was a blood clot in his lung but as it turns out they believe he has pneumonia & slight case of pancreatitis. They are treating him with heavy antibiotics. Larry seems to be doing better and hopefully will go home tomorrow or Saturday. Please keep he & Sandra in your prayers. We need healing for Larry and Sandra needs rest, physically, mentally, & emotionally. She has been a tremendous help to me with both Danny & our children. Of course, this has been tough on her... it is hard for a mother see their child so sick, no matter their age. :) And now her husband too... please lift them up!

Larry forbid Danny from visiting the hospital even though he wanted to and was feeling good. Since Danny has been stuck in the house for the past 3 weeks and he was feeling so good, he decided he wanted to go eat lunch out. Danny ate a small cheeseburger slider from Applebee's. Yes, that seems to be his food of choice to satisfy his hungry stomach. He felt so good he took a very short bike ride when we got home. Later this evening, we took Summer to the batting cages to hit a little and had dinner at Chick fil A. Danny ate a few bites of a sandwich and a couple of fries. What a difference... he is like a new person! (I think he is trying to make up for the past month in one day)

As for the blood clot, they told him to continue to elevate his arm along with warm compresses. They say the blood clot is superficial and will not be of concern unless something changes. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! Danny is already on a blood thinner. They give it to him with his pre meds. What a relief!

The only set back for the day is back pain. He has been hurting pretty bad with lower back pain for the past 3 hours or so. We believe it is due to the medication for his low blood count. The nurse told him he may have some bone pain so that is what we are assuming. He has taken some Advil and it seems to be getting better.

Praise the Lord for His mercy! We are so thankful for a wonderful day!

Thanks to everyone that has been praying for us. We have been showered with so much love and support... priceless!!!


  1. Awesome!! I am so glad to hear some good news:) I am very thankful that God's will and our wants are the same lately. Danny, you and David could definitely pass for brothers now- slick heads and all :) You look great- hope you start feeling just as good. Love you guys and we'll keep praying for you ALL!!

  2. Regina/Danny and family, its nice to know that danny had a wonderful days!! With so many prayers going out for you both and your kids, looks like danny has no choice but to continue to get better. And god is gonna keep lifting danny like he has done the past several weeeks and getting him through this chemo!!! So many of us want to see you both 100% cured and pain free!! Its gonna happen because your hearts are in the lord and he will make all things happen !! Look what our good lord has done for you guys sooo far. its been so many answered prayers, sometimes you run out of room for thanking our good god!! keep up all the good work Regina. U have been amazing in this whole blog to keep it going. We pray for you, danny and ya'lls family on a daily basis!! love you, love the nixon family!!


  4. I agree with Tracy. All the prayers cannot be ignored. God is up there saying "Alright already, I get it, you guys love this Danny guy. I'm working on it." Danny, so glad you are eating again.

  5. Thank you Lord for Blessing Danny with a Better day and I pray for a healing. Please be with Larry and Heal him Lord and I pray for their families as well that you will give them the strength to endure. In Christ name, AMEN. Love you,
    Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons