Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rough Night

Last night was a surprise for us. Danny was doing so well yesterday afternoon right after treatment. I left to take Summer to ball practice. He got a bad case of the hiccups. Normally that wouldn't be too bad but with the mass in his chest it increased his pain significantly. Since I accidentally left my cell phone at home he called his Mom. He was thinking he may have to go to the hospital. The pain was so bad and wouldn't let up. She called the doctor and he said that hiccups are a side effect of the chemo and was an indicator that nausea & vomiting were next.

He told him to take additional nausea medication to try to help with the hiccups and nausea. It seemed to work.... until about 2:00 this morning. The hiccups had returned along with nausea. We tried cold cloths, medicine, water, anything we could think of to help him but it didn't work. He still had the hiccups and he began vomiting. He said the pain from the hiccups is a lot worse than getting sick. He laid down to rest about 5:30 and was only down for less than 10 minutes and the cycle started again. It has been on and off ever since.

Since he is in so much pain he needs help getting out of the recliner he is sleeping in. This is tough because he has to wait for help before he can get up to try to deal with the nausea or getting sick. I think I responded quickly enough but I know it just adds to the panic feeling when he feels the nausea coming on. He is a very good patient & tries to do a lot himself. I know it is hard for him to depend on someone else to do simple things we take for granted.

This morning he has eaten some grits and so far he is keeping it down. The nausea is there and he has had some hiccups too. We are hoping when he goes for treatment the pre-treatment meds will help to settle his stomach.

Please keep Danny in your prayers. Under normal circumstances they do not want you getting sick so you can keep all the meds and nutrients in your body but he really doesn't need to be sick due to the pain in his chest. We go back for treatment #3 today and hopefully the doctor will be able to prescribe something a little stronger for the nausea and we can prevent the hiccups as well. The doctor has said once the mass begins to shrink the pain should lessen. We are hoping that is begins to shrink soon.

Thank you to everyone that is sacrificing your time to pray for us. We have been so blessed by all of the support. We love you - Regina


  1. Regina,
    I am so sorry that he had a rough night. My family will continue to pray for you all. I will pray that the mass in his chest starts to shrink quickly!! There are so many bible verses I could recite for you, but ya'll know them already. Just know that the Grices are praying for you always!!!!
    Cathy R. Grice

  2. Hey guys. I hope things go better today. ;o) We'll be praying for both of you.
    Love ya,

  3. May God heal you from the pain and this evil Cancer, I pray right now. In Jesus name, AMEN. Love, Jamie Mabe Fitzsimmons

  4. Hang in there!! Prayers...

  5. We are most definitely praying. Just keep hanging in there. Love you all.

  6. you too, girl. Hang in there. Be strong. I know I don't have to tell you any of that though because I know you are. I am praying hard for you all. I just wish there was SOMETHING else I could do. XX 00 XX

  7. Danny and Regina , SO sorry to hear the misery Danny is experiencing. But I know you will continue to run the race no matter the difficulty.
    I want to encourage you Regina to get rest when he is resting. He not only needs your support spiritually but needs you physically now more than ever. My love to both of you