Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day Two

I had a different nurse today. Mazell took care of me and she did a great job. I was still in the same area where Amanda and Shelia were working so I got to talk to them a lot. Probably more than they cared for me to all though they are both way to nice to ever indicate that. I also talked to Frances. I actually called her over to make sure that I was spelling her name right for the blog and once she came over the conversation turned quickly to me and how I did the night before. She told me what I did right and what I did wrong. My biggest fault to this point is I am slower to take meds than I should be. I have never really liked taking pill’s and am having to get used to the idea for instance of taking pain medicine before I hurt or nausea medicine at the first sign of nausea. I have always taken pills as a last resort.

I really think I am in good hands with the nurses. I am thankful. I was thinking today that it would be miserable to go through this with a bunch of nurses that hated their jobs. These ladies see this as a ministry and it is obvious!!

I guess the biggest news today is that the test results came back and there is no sign of cancer in my brain. I thank God for this because if there had been it would have probably derailed the treatment. They did however find cancer on one of my testicles. Dr Anagnost is out of town right now and will not be back until next week. I do not have an appointment with him until the 31st but I am not sure if he will want to see me sooner. I guess he will give me some idea of a plan from here. I know from talking to him before that the chemo is the most important thing right now in order to kill the cancer in my chest area and abdomen so that it spreads no farther and so that I get relief from the pain. Once the chemo is started they don’t like to interrupt with surgery or evasive procedures unless there is no choice. The decision will have to be made after the chemo treatments are complete whether to do surgery, radiation or both. I have to tell you this was a great concern to me when it was first mentioned but compared to brain surgery, I’ll take it.

Regina and I have talked a lot lately about not having any symptoms of testicular cancer. I did not have any symptoms at all other than the pain in my chest. I guess there is no telling how long I have had it or how long it would have been before it was found if it had not been for the pain. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes pain can be a good thing. Don’t get me wrong. I will be glad to get rid of it but it certainly served its purpose in revealing the cancer.
I feel pretty good right now. I was there 5 hours again today but I also got that 3rd medicine. It may not be as long tomorrow. I hope not. I don’t go in until 11:30. I took a nap again today once I got home but not as long as yesterday, just a couple of hours. Regina treated me to a Merritt’s burger after my treatment. It sounded like a good idea at the time…….. I don’t know. It sure tasted good. I had trouble eating after I went to sleep yesterday so I decided I would eat right after the treatment today. I think I feel as well and actually ate something so it was probably not a bad plan.

I am continuing to get cards, emails, face-book post’s and comments on the blog that are all positive and encouraging. You guys have no idea how much it helps to know that there are so many who care. I ask that you continue to pray for Regina. I am zero help to her. I thank God for my mom and Regina’s sister and her husband who have stepped up big time in helping us to get the kids where they need to be. We would be in sad shape without them. And I know most of you have also offered to help and it is greatly appreciated!!


  1. Danny keep praising God and praying for his will for he will answer. Praying to God for your healing everyday. God Bless you and your family. Ruth

  2. Hey Danny,
    I have a friend that had to have the surgery you may be facing and dreading but do know he is doing GREAT!
    Don't let yourself get sick or in pain...take the pills early and don't wait :-) (sorry, I'm married to a nurse)
    Do you know that Karen and I still remember the song you sang to Regina on your wedding....I'll love you for forever but forever is as far as I'll go. At least I hope I'm close with the words. I repeat to Karen from time to time. Am I right?

  3. Thank you so much for your Blog even in times of sickness. You are truly an Inspiration to us all. I pray for a healing for you each and every day. I pray for Regina and your entire Family as they go through this Journey with you. May God Bless You, Heal You and always be with you. Love always, Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons

  4. Danny and Regina, I know all the nurses and you are right they will take very good care of you. You are constantly in my prayers. Remember to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Take care.