Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Word in Our Vocabulary

Danny is in Remission!!!! Yeah!

That is a new word I will have to get used to saying. It will be nice to be able to replace the ugly word cancer with the positive word... REMISSION!

The nurse had given us the good news that the radiologist didnt see any cancer on his PET scan from last week however, it is very reassuring to hear it from the doctor and to hear the entire report read aloud! No, no, negative, no, nothing, no, negative, no, no.... these were the words from Dr. Anagnost as he read the full report. Excellent news, not only is the mass gone but the lymph nodes that were in his abdomen & upper body no longer show any signs of cancer as well. He is completely clear of cancer! Whoo hoo... we are so very thankful!

As far as the pain goes, that remains a mystery. Dr. A does not believe it is related to the cancer at all. He feels there is a separate issue causing the pain. He really didn’t want Danny to have any more tests, especially x-rays due the radiation. But he felt with the amount of pain and the fact it was getting worse along with Danny needing pain medication he really didn’t have a choice. He didn’t want to wait it out so Danny is scheduled for a C-spine & T-spine MRI this Saturday at 3:00.

We do not go back to see Dr. A for 4 weeks unless anything changes or the results from the MRI make it necessary. In the meantime we are supposed to continue weaning Danny off of the medication. He will work on the Marinol first. He takes it 2 times a day now so we will go to only once and see how he does for a week or so and then drop the last dose for a week or so before moving on to another medication. He hopes to have him medication free by the first of the year. Dr. A expects that the ringing in his ears will subside sometime the first of the year too.

He has maintained his weight. He lost around 35 pounds in the beginning and had gained 13 pounds back at our last appointment. All of his blood test came back good with the exception of his hemoglobin, it was a little low but nothing concerning. Dr. A said his body is working hard to heal and is doing as it should & showing signs of improvement. Danny's hair is continuing to grow; slow it is very fuzzy & white. I am curious to see his new hair-do. Most people have said it would probably come in curly and white... no curls yet, we will see.

Overall, Danny is doing very well. If it were not for the pain in his chest and back I would say he was well on his way to complete recovery. We will wait to see what the MRI shows to see what, if any obstacle is next. We feel after all he has been through with the cancer and chemo we can certainly handle what is next! The Lord is good all the time and all the time the LORD IS GOOD!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Continuing to Celebrate!

The fact that Danny is cancer free has become more real every day. I think at first I was so shocked because I had prepared myself for another fight with cancer. I just knew that with the pain being present and increasing almost daily there was no other answer for it. So when Danny said "the tests are negative, I am cancer free" I was shocked. Certainly not because I thought the Lord would not answer our prayers and heal his body but because I wanted to be ready for whatever was coming our way. Another round or two of chemo would change a lot of things for our family so I knew that I needed to be ready for whatever was ahead.

Thankfully, I am now preparing myself for a different chapter in our lives... learning to enjoy the complete healing and restoration of Danny and his health. I was telling a friend in Sunday School today that while I do realize all that we went through, at this point it is just a memory... we have not dwelt on those tough days but have continually looked forward to the morning when the Lords mercies are new every sunrise!

The Lord promised He will never leave us nor forsake us! In the dark days we knew He was right there lifting us and keeping us strong. We know that our positive outlook and willingness to fight didn't come from our own will but through the gifts of strength and encouragement from the Lord.

We have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has taught us so much through this time in our lives. Danny has said several times "that while this was a difficult time for us, it has been a great experience". I am sure that sounds a little crazy but the Lord has taught us so much about Himself, about us individually & as a couple, our children, our friends & family, & our faith. Not many people have the opportunity to slow down and really focus on what is important... we are thankful we have.

The Lord has showered us with His love & provision... He has used so many of you to minister to us, sometimes I am sure you didn't even know the ways you helped us & other times your motives were very specific. Thank you for being available and willing to be used of the Lord.

We appreciate you celebrating with us. We see it in your faces, the excitement and thankfulness you have in knowing the Lord has answered our prayers. Another reminder that we have not been in this alone. So many of you have genuinely kept us in your prayers expecting the Lord to heal so the good news is not for me & Danny alone... it is ours to share!

Cancer Free.... I just keep saying it to remind myself. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday was a wonderful time & it was great for Danny to see so many people that care about him. Last night Danny was really tired from the long day at the park. He was pretty wiped out. The pain in his chest has continued to increase and has now traveled to his back as well. The pain was pretty tough last night, he really didn't sleep well. He was restless before falling asleep, he just couldn't get comfortable. He woke after a couple of hours of sleep screaming in pain. He finished the night in the recliner & has been very guarded today with any movement. Unfortunately, he has needed pain medication in order to relax and rest. We have no idea why he is hurting so bad we can only speculate. Please continue to join us in prayer for complete healing. We have an appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Anagnost and I suppose at that point we will know his line of thinking and what our immediate future holds. I can tell Danny is a little anxious and is ready for the appointment so we can move forward.

We are continuing to trust the Lord and praise Him for His greatness & mercy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a blessing!!!!

Unbelievable!!!! Today was so overwhelming. The day at the park was such a huge blessing in so many ways. First we would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to make this day possible. We know there were many many hours of planning & work that took place before today. Not to mention the hours of labor that went into the cooking, setting up, tearing down, the music & serving today… we truly appreciate each one of you & everything you have done!

We know there were lots of businesses & individuals that were responsible for the dontations of food, products, & services, to each, thank you! We are so blessed to live in such a generous community. It is amazing how everyone has pulled together and been willing to do so much, many have no idea who we are they were just happy to help.

Thank you to everyone that came out and joined us for the day. We are so very thankful for your support and your generosity. We know that so many of you have been touched by an illness yourself or through a family member & wanted to be a blessing, many of you work with Danny and wanted to help our family, lots of you have been friends of ours for many years & are a steady support to us and others didn’t even know us… thank you!

Danny arrived a little earlier with a friend. I came a bit later with the children and when we drove up there were a ton of cars and a huge sign that read “Danny White Benefit”. Summer, our daughter, immediately said “oh my gosh we are famous, Dad’s name is on the sign!” Summer was shocked and surprised by what she saw… people were even wearing T-Shirts with “Danny White Benefit”. I don’t think Summer had any idea what to expect nor did we.

The food was wonderful… we had barbeque, green beans, potatoes, black eye peas, baked beans, cabbage, slaw, bread & tons of desserts and drinks with so many people serving . Three different bands played; Just Woke Up, The David Tyson Band & Chicken Fried, they all did a fabulous job! David Tyson is Summer’s band teacher at school, she was loving it. I think he has a new groupie or two. We even had Antique cars for a while. There was a drawing for a diamond bracelet too. The winner was Sam Ragan… but… he chose to give the bracelet to Danny to give to me! Speechless… …….. so very generous!

Danny had a great time seeing everyone & I enjoyed meeting so many of his friends from GE. It is amazing to see so many people sacrifice on your behalf… it is very humbling and oh so touching. I struggle being the one on the receiving end of so much benefit. I have a friend that so eloquently told me “it is just your pride & people want to help so get over it!” His words have chimed in my head so many times & I didn’t see it that way, I just knew I didn’t want anyone to sacrifice so much and work so hard on our behalf.

To everyone that made this day possible…. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We appreciate your sacrifice more than you know…. You have blessed our family beyond measure!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

We are praying for great weather tomorrow! We are very excited our friends & family have worked very hard to put together "A Day in the Park" with our family. We are looking forward to seeing so many of our friends that we have not seen in months... so come on out and join us. There will be food, an antique car display, local bands, a local DJ, a drawing for a diamond bracelet... just lots of fun! We would love to see you. Oh, it is at the GE park across the street from the plant on Castle Hayne Rd. The bands will start playing at 11:00 and the food will be ready around noon.

Danny had his scan on Monday and it went very well. He did not get sick as I have feared so that was a nice blessing. We were not sure when we would hear the results. Naturally, we were concerned because the pain has returned and continues to worsen. BUT... we received a call from the nurse with the results they did not want us to have to wait until our appointment on Tuesday. DANNY IS CANCER FREE! They did not see any cancer on the scan... praise the Lord! He definitely answers and has been so merciful to us! Tomorrow will be a great time of celebration!

We are not sure where the pain is coming from. We are suspicious that there may be some damage in his chest bone due to the size of the mass. Of course, we don't know for sure and we are not doctors... we are just grasping at straws. We will address the pain when we meet the doctor on Tuesday and see where we go from here.

Danny is getting better and better everyday. His strength is increasing and his nausea is decreasing. Sometimes he feels nauseated but most of the time he is able to keep it at bay. However, he did have a couple of rough days this week. We did not realize that little patch behind his ear was helping so much. He removed the last patch and we didn't know we had run out but we found very quickly how much it helped. Once he got his new patch he was on the mend. That little patch is also what is making his vision blurry... so that is good news too. We know when he is able to come off of the patch his vision will improve, he will still be blind but not quite as bad. ;)

We would like to thank Lisa, Donald & everyone from GE, & our many friends & family that have worked so hard to make tomorrow such a special time for us. Also a huge thank you to all the folks & companies that have donated their time, talents & resources to make the day possible. We cant thank you enough for your many sacrifices... it is overwhelming & means so much to us!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Danny is getting better & better everyday. His appetite has picked up and he is able to eat almost anything he wants. Sometimes thicker foods are not very attractive but for the most part his diet is normal.

His hair has started to grow back. It is very light colored and oh so fuzzy! His head looks like a peach... lol. It has taken a long time to grow that small bit of fuzz.

Danny is doing great with his medicines. He has not been using any of the IV drugs and has been able to space out some of the medicines he takes by mouth. We are so very excited that he is doing so much better. He is still not 100% but he is well on his way.

Monday morning at 8:00 Danny will be having a PET scan. I ask that each of you pray for Danny at this time. The doctor has ordered this test earlier than he had planned because the pain has returned in Danny's chest. This pain is the same pain that started this whole journey so naturally we are very concerned. We are truly hoping the test comes back with a good report. However, I believe I have already began to prepare myself for the news he will need additional treatment. The thought of facing that storm again is a bit overwhelming. But, we will see.... we should hear something at our next dr visit which is Wednesday next week.

I had the great opportunity of going out of town this weekend with some of my long time girlfriends to the Women of Faith conference in Greensboro. This is an annual event for us and is a super fun time. We have been friends for 18 years and some have moved away so we enjoy coming together to catch up. This years conference was great & it seemed that the messages were just for me. I received great encouragement to stay strong and continue to fight the fight! Thanks ladies for everything!

Danny stayed home with the children and was in charge of their social schedules for the weekend. Summer had a scrimmage softball tournament on Saturday so he was thrilled to be back at the ball field. Of course, Daniel was doing his own thing with his friends. It was good for Danny to get to spend some alone time with the kids and good for me to spend some alone time away from the kids. :)

We are so thankful to have each and every one of you praying for us and coming along side us to help us during this time in our lives. Thanks so much for showing your support in so many ways. We have been showered with cards, emails, calls, and sacrificial gifts. Your support has been priceless! You have touched our hearts & have changed our lives.

A special thank you to everyone that came out last weekend to support our family at the pancake breakfast. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend because Summer had the flu but Danny had a great time. It really meant so much to him to see everyone. You have no idea how much your presence meant to Danny. Seeing everyone was better for his healing than any medicine could ever be. Your sacrificial gifts will be a great help to our family. Thank you to Andy's for hosting the breakfast and donating the food & labor to make the breakfast possible. David, Beverley & John - THANK YOU so much! I know you worked so very hard on behalf of our family to ensure such a successful event... We love you!

We don't really know what lies ahead but we do know that the Lord is faithful and that He hears our prayers. He comforts our hearts and calms our fears!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This past weekend friends put together a pancake breakfast as a benefit for me and my family. It was very successful. There was a lot of money raised and I saw a lot of people that I have not seen in a long time. Many of you were there and many who could not be there sent gifts and I want to thank you for supporting us. The owner of Andy’s said it was the best turnout he had ever seen for a fundraiser! Thanks to David and Beverly Lewis and John Stanley for thinking of us and putting it all together. There is no way for me to express how thankful we are!!!

This has been a very humbling time for our family. We have been loved and cared for by so many. In addition to the pancake breakfast friends have also organized a day in the park for November 14th. I know many of you have been involved in this and again I am extremely thankful!!

The hospital called yesterday to schedule my first scan. It will be Monday at 7:45 am. Please keep me in prayer. I have been having some pain in my chest and since this is what indicated that I had a problem to begin with I am naturally concerned. It will be another week after the scan before I go to the doctor so I will probably not know anything before then. Even though it is a bit concerning we know that God is in control and will carry us through whatever lies ahead.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheeseburgers, Pizza & Pot Pie... Oh My!

Danny is continuing to improve every day! This past weekend we felt more like a family than we have in months. We traveled to out of town together - YES all of us. Summer had a softball tournament in Kinston and Danny was able to join us. This was a fun time for all of us. Summer's ball team played very well and they had a great time with a HUGE trunk or treat event.

We packed Danny's medicine in a cooler but left the TPN behind. We decided that we would skip the feeding just for one night. This weekend he was able to eat some real food... he started out with a baked potato and all went well so Danny decided he would try to eat more of a variety of food. He was able to eat a Subway sandwich, a waffle, a portion of a personal pizza and a chicken pot pie. He is so excited!

He is still taking the medicine on the same schedule as when we left the hospital. A couple of times he has tried to stretch out the time in between or just do without a medicine completely only to realize how much each of them are helping him. We have only had to use the Phenergan about 5 times so that is pretty good. He has reached a milestone... no more "do rag" or "pinky". He has been able to give up the wet cloth on his head and the pink puke basin that was a form of security.

Yesterday Danny was not feeling great so he did take the Phenergan and slept most of the day away. But today was a good day. Danny had his follow up appointment with Dr. Anagnost today. Because Danny is doing so good the PA asked him to cut back on the Marinol dosage and spread out the dosage on the Reglan to take it only 3 times a day instead of the 4. Otherwise, all other meds will remain the same including the IV Zophran. The greatest news today... no more TPN!!!! Hallelujah!!! Because Danny is eating so well the PA felt it was a good idea to stop the TPN feeding. Wow, what an improvement.

Danny was supposed to have his first scan the first part of December but they decided to move it up. He will have his first scan sometime within the next two weeks because he has started having chest pain again. Unfortunately, it is the same kind of pain that started this whole journey. It is not severe but it does hurt to breathe in, cough, sneeze and sometimes when he is laying down. Naturally we are concerned. The PA was pretty concerned too so she and Dr. A made the decision not to wait for the test. Of course, we started thinking maybe we shouldn't have dropped the last treatment. Hopefully, the results of the tests will be good. We ask that you continue to pray for Danny for complete healing. The thought of possibly having to go through more treatment is very daunting. However, we are going to keep a positive mindset until we know what to expect.

When we left the doctors office today we stopped at Merritts Burger house for lunch. I love their cheeseburgers and crinkle fries... throw in a cold Sun-drop and you have the perfect meal! Danny was able to eat a cheeseburger with chili and some fries, what a milestone. We are enjoying these wonderful days... and are looking forward to many more to come.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to pray, for sending your notes of encouragement, your phone calls, emails, & visits. Many of you have sacrificed so much on behalf of our family - we are so very grateful for each of you! Thank you for loving our family during this tough time.