Friday, August 14, 2009

Need to Slow Down....

Danny has been doing so well I think he may have over done it today. He was feeling pretty good after a nice nap so he decided to eat some lunch (homemade vegetable soup). He was getting pretty excited because he did not feel nauseous and everything was staying with him. He has not been sick since early Wednesday morning.

I think he was ready for a change of scenery so he decided he would ride with the family to Wilmington. Before we left Danny decided he would get his basin just in case. Well our son was driving, he was doing a pretty good job but unfortunately Danny got sick before we could make it to 16th Street from Leland. He is such a trooper... he handled it so well. He decided he was okay for us to finish our appointment. Then he decided he wanted to go visit with his parents. He actually did okay but was fighting the nausea the whole time so we decided we would come home. He took his 9:00 meds a little early and is taking another nap.

Please pray with us that the nausea will subside. He is supposed to try to wean himself off of the medication by tomorrow morning but I am not sure his body is going to cooperate. We were hoping that maybe since they had a medication regimen down he would be able to take the meds his heavy week of chemo and then actually do without them and feel okay during his 2 light weeks.... now we are not so sure. We need for him to be without the medication so they do not loose their effectiveness during his most desperate times.

Danny's attitude is so good. He doesn't get upset or frustrated like I would he just takes it one day or one hour at a time, sometimes minute by minute. He understands & accepts that this is what he has to deal with for now. There is light at the end of the tunnel - the finish line is there even though he cant see it, he trusts & knows to keep pushing toward it. His driving force to fight and get through this is Daniel & Summer. He keeps telling me - I want to enjoy watching my children grow up. We trust he will - the Lord keeps answering our prayers!

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  1. I know that the good LORD is holding all of you in his hands. I will continue to pray for danny to get some relief and to give you the strenght to keep up with everything that is going on. togetheand with GOD on your side you can overcome anything!!! I love you both.