Thursday, August 6, 2009

Treatment Day #3

Danny is unable to tell you about his day yesterday because... he slept through most of it.

His nausea continued into the morning. His treatment was at 11:30. When we arrived he became pretty sick. It is tough on the other patients in the waiting room when they hear someone going through a familiar territory. When we entered the chemo room I think it was obvious to the nurses he was not feeling too well. I think the green color & wet cloths gave it away. They were able to give him an additional medication to help with the nausea. This one knocked him out. He slept through the entire 3 1/2 hour treatment. He slept on the ride home and the entire evening as well.

The doctor prescribed a new medication for him to have at home for the nausea and one for the hiccups. That was a surprise... I didn't know they made a med for hiccups. He fell asleep in the recliner in the living room. He slept through Daniel, Summer, and Raegan (my niece) running through the house, fighting, playing the trumpet, playing wii, the dog barking, & company coming in and out. He did not move!

Danny woke about 8:30 pm. He was able to eat some watermelon but then he headed back to the recliner (his temporary bed). About 12:00 am he woke with the hiccups so he took his medicine and tried to go back to sleep. He then woke about 2:00 am feeling nauseated. He spent the rest of the night fighting a sick stomach and vomiting.

This morning it seems the medication has started to work again because he is sound asleep. He is in another world. He didn't even budge when Summer was practicing her trumpet this morning in the same room. I am thankful he is resting now and hope we learn how to time the medicine so he does not have to be so sick.

Again, I want to thank everyone for your prayers, calls, emails, blog posts, & cards. The outpouring of love & support has meant so much. It really helps lift Danny's spirits.

We know this is going to be a long tough road... we are going to make it! God is good! He is faithful!

Thanks - Regina


  1. Hi Regina, Thanks for the update. Remind Danny, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." You are doing an awesome job and I pray God's strength for you as well.

  2. I think ya'll are doing a great job - it's tough. My Dad had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomia in '05 and for whatever reason, never got nausiated. He was pretty sick before his diagnosis though and started coming back to normal once he was on Chemo. There is so much they can do - even for the nausia. Hopefully the meds timing can get worked out so it's not so tough on him (or you). Praying for you!!

  3. Regina and Danny, Remember always that you are both in my prayers along with the family.. Remind Danny, as I know this is very tough on him that Everything happens for a reason and God is using him to do his will by having to go through all of this.. One heart touched is one heart saved.. Praying for you........

  4. I love you both very much. If I can do anything please let me know. and I mean anything. you have my number. hugs and prayers, stephannie pigott

  5. Regina...praying for you in all of this. God is using you to be the strength and through His vast love and grace and especially His Son, you are equipped. Pray that you know it even when you may not feel it. Praying specifically for Danny's side effects to subside and that you find the medicine timing groove. We love you, and us along with many at Wrightsboro are bathing you, Danny, Daniel, & Summer in prayer along with all who are helping. Much Love, The Gores

  6. Regina...I know that you're walking down the path alongside your husband right now and even though the physical pain may not be there as he is experiencing, I still know that the emotional pain is more than likely there simply from watching your husband go through what he is going through. I pray for Danny daily but I also wanted you to know I'm lifting you up as well. I'm praying for God to keep up your strenghth and your faith and let you perservere so that you can be the helpmate God designed you to be. You're in my prayers!