Sunday, August 16, 2009

I went to church today. It was nice to be able to see so many people. I have not been nauseous at all so far today and I haven't taken any medication since this morning. I am supposed to be weaning myself off of it. Any way so far so good.

I did have a handful of hair leave the shower with me this morning. This may be a little more emotional than I was originally thinking. I mean it is still nothing to even think about in comparison to surviving cancer but to be honest I was anxious to look in the mirror and I haven't even lost enough you can tell yet.

There is not a lot to tell today so I thought I would try and explain an earlier misunderstanding. Dr. Anagnost was out of the office week before last when I was expecting to get test results back. One of the test was the testicular ultrasound. I reported that I had a cancer in one of my testicles. This was a mistake. A misunderstanding between me and one of the nurses who took a look at my file for me. The growth that I was calling cancer is something that 25% of males have anyway. As it turns out I am actually 1 of the 2% of people who get this type of cancer that it starts out side of the testicles. It is referred to as an extra-gonadal tumor. I am sure the spelling is suspect. Other evidence of this is that normally cancers will grow at much the same rate so if it had started in the testicles it would be largest there then a little smaller in my abdomen a little smaller than that in the chest and then smallest in my neck. I n my case the large mass is in my chest then small areas in my neck and abdomen. This is good news in that after the treatment, unless something needs to be done about a residual mass in my chest, I will not need any surgery.

To be honest this 2nd week was much more difficult than I anticipated. I thought because I only had the 1 treatment it would be much easier. As it turned out I was sick from the previous week. The good news is that the single treatment that I will receive again this Tuesday seemed to have little effect on me. So since I will hopefully not already be sick this week should be much easier. Then the next week will be back to 5 days...............bring it on!! I am sure my wife will remind me of this when I am puking crying for my mama..LOL

I will go now. I know I keep saying but you guys keep praying and keep encouraging and you have know idea how much it means to me. Thank You!!

My family keeps taking care of me. Thank You!!

When I am weak Gods grace keeps me going. Thank You Lord!!


  1. "It's all about the Fight"!..."Your a Fighter"!

    God Bless to you and your family

  2. Hang in there Danny! God knows what he's doing!!

  3. We continue to lift you and your family in our prayers. Hang in there!!

  4. Glad you felt good enough to go to church. I know people were glad to see you. I don't have computer access at home, still transitioning, so I have to wait until Monday to see what has been happening. I know you were nauseated some but I bet it felt good just to be outside. It's weird a little but also feels good when our children drive with us in the car. I'm still learning to relax but both Hunter and Olivia drive very well. It's Karen that scares me. lol (Don't tell her I said that)
    We are trying to find a house here in the Lowcountry. I meet with a banker this morning. It's going to be a very busy week.
    Mama is doing much better. Today is her 26th consecutive day in the hospital but Lord willing she will be going home this week. Your Dr. Russell is her Dr. Russell also. And I guess you know that Dr. Hutchins was her primary care Dr. also. Eerie how your paths have crossed and caused us to get back in touch with each other. God does work in mysterious ways.
    Hey! Do you know where in the Bible is says that it's okay to be overweight?
    Leviticus 3:16 "All the fat is the Lord's." :-)

    "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6
    Have a GREAT day!!!

  5. I didn't get a chance to get to you on Sunday,but I did talk to Regina. It was good to see you out and about-I saw you across the foyer but had to rush to get to the choir room.
    You just go right ahead and cry for your mama when the going gets rough-she wouldn't have it any other way! I don't care how old you are, when you are sick, hurt, or whatever, you want your mama.
    Just remember that this will end. As I have told others in a semi-joking manner, my favorite verse/s in the Bible are the ones that say "And it came to pass..." or "And it shall come to pass..." God does not make a promise that He does not keep!
    We do pray for you daily, and it is so helpful to have this blog so that we can change prayers according to the need.
    Love ya!

  6. I am keeping you in my prayers and hope the nausea will go away. Take care and God Bless.

    Love, Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons