Sunday, August 9, 2009

We made it through the night!

As the night progressed it seemed the medication was working. You could tell in about 45 minutes Danny started feeling better. He did drink about 4 oz of fluid and then wanted to go to sleep, he was exhausted. So Sandra (Danny's mom) and I decided we would wake him after about 1 1/2 hours to drink a little more and try through the night to get the 4 glasses of fluid the doctor wanted in his system by morning.

2:00 am I wake him and ask him to drink some juice. He does, several swallows, all seemed to be going well until a pretty fierce case of the hiccups came out of no where. He struggles with that for a few minutes and then drank a little more. As he began to sit back in the chair to relax again he lost all the fluid we worked so hard to get in his body. He walked a while and once his stomach settled he fell asleep again. I decided to let him sleep until it was time for his medicine again. He has been taking the new meds and while that is allowing him to rest his is still not able to hold everything down.

This morning he has been trying to drink some water and juice off and on. I think he probably has been able to keep about 6 oz down. We will be watching him through the day and if he is not able to take on more fluids we will visit the hospital for a 24 hour fluid and med treatment.

The good news is he is finally sleeping! He is actually snoring & that is rare for him. Summer came downstairs and was shocked and even a bit disturbed. She wanted to wake him so that he didnt sound so bad. :)

The kids are really starting to see the effects of this treatment and they are now realizing how serious and scary this time is. They are putting up a strong front but it is obvious they are very unsure of everything. I keep reassuring them everything is going to be okay and I think they feel it is too but in the times when they see how sick Danny is it is hard to see their Dad in that condition. James your words of wisdom with the children was a true blessing. You knew exactly what I am experiencing with each of them - sounds like our children are very much alike... thanks for sharing.

We are trusting the medication is the combination needed and today will be a better day!

I cant tell you enough how much it means to us to know that so many people are lifting Danny up in prayer. This time is definitely difficult for us because we are going through so many things that are new & scary. There are still so many questions still unanswered but we know that the Lord Jesus Christ will be our rock & our comforter in our time of need. He has already used so many of you to meet our needs. We appreciate the calls, cards, emails, blog posts, visits, food & outpouring of love and support! Gods timing is perfect & it is amazing how a blog post can lift your spirits and comfort... the right words of encouragement at the right time... My God is Good All the Time!

We love you all - Regina

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