Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hospital again....

The past week has been a tough one. This is Danny's second week of having chemo 5 days a week. This second round has proven to be tougher than the first.

Wednesday and Thursday Danny was pretty sick but we were able to withstand because we knew in the morning we would see the angels at the doctors office and they would give him fluids and pre meds that would make him feel better for a while. But Thursday night was one of our worst so far. Danny had a very rough night with lots of vomiting.

Yesterday they gave him more fluids and some additional medication but they were not enough to keep him from having a very rough time yesterday afternoon. As it grew later in the evening he became worse and the vomiting was very consistent. We knew it was time when Danny asked to go to the hospital. Sandra (Danny's mom) and I decided it was best to call for an ambulance this time. He was very sick and was in a very weak state. We also knew we would have to wait hours before he would even be seen. I was scared we did not have that much time.

I was able to ride with Danny in the ambulance and of course they took him right back. That was a very good thing. The waiting room was packed, there was a 3 -4 hours wait just to get checked by the initial nurse before going to the back in a room. Their were patients on beds in almost every hallway. We were put in a room that was almost private in the ER. How fortunate we were that the Lord worked that one out. I feel they put us there due to his weakened state and the fact he is a chemo patient with a weakened immune system. We arrived at the hostpital around 9:00. They began fluids and several meds. He was still very sick and the doctor on call, McNulty decided he needed to stay overnight. We were moved to our room about 2:00 am. We both slept well from about 4:00 am to 7:00 am. We needed that rest as we did not get much the night before.

Dr. McNulty came by this morning and didnt really like what he saw. He wants to get control of the nausea and vomiting because he wants Danny to have some nourishment. He asked how much weight he had lost and as of 1 1/2 weeks ago he had lost 23 pounds. He has had nothing to eat this week and only about 5 glasses of juice, most of which would not stay on his stomach. I would not be surprised if he has lost 30 pounds. Dr. McNulty said that with that "catastophic weight loss" we need to do something about it. They may have to resort to feeding him through his IV. The doctor is going to try 2 new medications along with the others he has been taking. One is called Marinol and the other is an anti nausea patch. At this point we are up for almost anything. :)

We know we will have to stay again tonight and I would suspect we will stay Sunday night too unless something changes. Both, Dr. Anagnost & Dr. McNulty have said we will not let up on the chemo treatments. We must stay on course! We are just going to have to figure out how to get him through this because slowing down is not an option.

Please pray for our children. They seem to be doing okay but it is definitely having an effect on them. They are watching him... as he is so very sick, leaving in an ambulance, staying in the hospital... I know it is scary for them. We are trying to keep them busy and live life as normal as possible. Today Summer is playing in a softball tournament in Clinton. Thank you to my sister, Christy and my friend, Beverley for taking her and being her fan club! It is hard... I am torn, I would love to be there with Summer but I need to be here. Daniel is spending time with friends today at a birthday party. I am very fortunate to have friends & family, especially my sister, who are willing to sacrifice themselves & their time for our family.

Please pray for Danny... he is in a very weakened state and is very sick. He needs some relief. We are hoping that the introduction to the new meds will help turn everything around and things will begin looking up.

We are so very thankful that Danny has this particular kind of cancer. Although it is a very agressive cancer it responds extremely well to chemo. We know that through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly... he is going to be cured!

We aplogize for not keeping the blog up everyday. I will try to do a better job. I know you would love to hear from Danny and I assure you as soon as he is up to he will write.

Thanks everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers... it means so much!


  1. I am so sorry that things have gotten so rough again. I was hopeful that things would be a little easier, although these treatments can't be classified as easy. I think of you often, and each time I do I just automatically pray at that moment. I'm glad you chose to use the ambulance. That does increase the priority status considerably. I know that you know this and that you keep hearing it, but I do sincerely remind you that God is holding you close, and He does have a purpose; and if that were not enough (which it is), you have a multitude of family and friends who love and care for you and are standing with you through this difficult time. When things get impossible to endure, remember that and take comfort and strength from all of the love surrounding you.

  2. Hey Danny & Regina, We are praying for you everyday! Please know that I love you and think of you lots every single day. I know God will heal you. It will take time. Take care! Love, Aunt Terry

  3. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope today you are doing much better. You are in Gods hands and there is no better place to be. I pray for a cure everyday for you and in Gods time that will come. May God bless you and your family and keep you strong in faith and hope. I believe in the power of prayer and I have the faith that you will pull through. God Bless. Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons