Friday, August 7, 2009

Treatment Day #4 & #5

I am sorry that we didn't give an update yesterday. As you can imagine, I have been a little busier than before and Danny has not felt up to blogging.

Yesterday and today have been about the same. The treatments each day have lasted about 3 - 3 1/2 hours. The nurses have been wonderful! They are true angels on earth and are definitely special people. Sheila and Frances have taken care of him the past two days. Their compassion and love show through in everything they do. They both go beyond their job not only to care for the patient but also the family. The Lord worked everything for good when he allowed us the opportunity to be a patient with this office.

Danny has been very nauseated but has not actually gotten sick in the past two days... yeah! He has been able to keep down watermelon & a little bit of pork & rice Sandra cooked. Mama knew just what her baby needed. He is pretty weak and tired. He is sleeping a lot during the day but is very restless at night. This is when he seems to feel sick the most. I guess the good drugs he receives at pre-treatment begin to wear off and he is relying on the pills. They do help even though they are not a cure. A cold cloth seems to be the ticket.

We are hoping he begins to feel better tomorrow since his treatments are over for the week... whoo hoo! He said today he is thankful he is getting a break from treatment & is glad next week he will have chemo only one day.

The pain in his chest is not as bad as it has been. He can actually get himself out of the chair now and is able to move a little better. We believe it is because he is taking a stronger pain med AND hopefully the mass is beginning to shrink.

We are doing good over all. I think we are still trying to process what we are going through. Everything happened so fast once we found out about the cancer we have been just going through the motions doing what we need to but as time goes on the reality of it all is becoming more tangible.

Daniel & Summer seem to be doing very well considering. They are both in school now. Summer is very in tune to what is going on with Danny. She is always checking on him, trying to help him, & making sure he doesn't need anything. She is her daddy's girl! Daniel is a little harder to read. A friend reminded me last night that he is a deep thinker, very analytical and internalizes his feelings & thoughts. She is right. Daniel did ask for his head to be shaved when he had his haircut on Wednesday but the lady wouldn't shave it completely. He ended up with a very very tight buzz cut. He wanted to support Danny and make him feel more comfortable when he begins to loose his hair. Which so far he hasn't. The nurses say we have between one & two more weeks, give or take a few days.

Thank you again for praying for us. It has been very encouraging to hear from so many of you. We are truly blessed to have so many friends & family that love & support us.

We know that we will beat this cancer and will be stronger in the end. The Lord will use this time to grow us closer to one another, to our children and to Him. While we do not understand why this has happened we trust the Lord for mercy, comfort, & healing and know that He will be glorified!

Thanks - Regina

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  1. Hey Regina and Danny, Glad to hear that Danny gets a break next week. I love Daniel wanting to shave his head. My Olivia (16 yo) is the same way as Summer. Anytime something happens to me she is right there to help or just be with me. She was right with us at the Hospital everytime we took Daddy. Hunter (19) usually leaves. He, like Daniel internalizes. Both my kids are pretty well adjusted young adults. Just meet them where they are and take things one day, one event at a time. Answer questions when they're asked. Remind them and you the feelings you have are okay. It's okay to get mad maybe even angry. You can even tell and should tell Jesus. It's okay. He's big enough and strong enough to handle it. He understands which is what makes Him so wonderful. He knows how to relate to us. Just know He will do what is best. He will comfort and strengthen you.
    We love you guys!