Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tests, Tests, & More Tests

Last night was a restful one for Danny. The first in a while. He has been able to keep down the Marinol tablets... good news! We dont really know if it is working or not. He still vomited about 4:30 this morning.

He just left to go downstairs for a couple of tests. They are running a port a cath o gram. They will run dye to see if there is an issue with his port. His arm is swollen and is in some pain with it. They are also going to run a high resolution CT scan of his chest to be sure something isnt going on in his lungs due to the Bleomicin chemo drug. That is a concern with that particular drug.

They are exploring the option of changing his chemo drugs but the doctors concern is they know this combo is the gospel, it works and if you go changing the meds you could change the outcome. Dr. A consulted Dr. Arb and they are very concerned about making that change. They will be consulting doctors that highly skilled in testicular cancer (this is their primary study focus) and see what they suggest.

Right now the concern is the fever, the source of the fever, along with the nausea & vomiting. They have suspended his TPN feeding due to fact they cant use his port a cath. I am not sure if he will have his chemo treatment today or not.

Will try to keep everyone updated with the latest test results. Thanks so much for everything!


  1. keep on keeping on! together and with the LORD in your life you will get through this stronger and better!!! love you both!

  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement today. We are praying for you all and especially that you can knock out this fever and get over this nausea and go home. Keep strong in the faith. Our God will see you through! We love you!

    Matt & Allison Jordan

  3. Hang in there Danny and Regina.God is in control.He loves you very much.We are very much in prayer for your family.God is and will carry you through this storm.Stan and Rhonda