Friday, September 11, 2009

Tenth Floor Two-Step

Interesting, not so fun, dance.... It seems that as we take a few good steps forward we have to take a few steps backward as well. Sad to say on my 2nd post for the day Danny has started to vomit again. He had been doing pretty good with keeping the small amounts of food down. Today they had changed his antibiotic and this one is to be taken by mouth. The pill is HUGE. He did pretty good taking it the first time. The past two times he has needed to take meds by mouth it must have stimulated the gag reflex or something because each time has been pretty tough. We are praying that the nausea will lessen and he will have a good couple of days before the tough treatment begins.

I am excited... I will be spending tomorrow (Saturday) with my children. Sandra, Danny's Mom will be with him while I am away. Besides watching Danny go through so much, being away from Daniel & Summer has been the hardest adjustment. We are all doing well and knowing they are with my sister & brother in law makes that aspect so much easier... I just miss them. Daniel & Summer visited Danny tonight, it was good for everyone.

Enjoy your weekend.... spend time with someone you love! :)

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  1. Thinking of you and wishing you well. God Bless and may all prayers be answered. Love Jamie Mabe Fitzsimmons