Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mile 14.... and on to 15 & 16....

Last night was interesting to say the least. But it was good and the Lord gave strength and alertness when needed. My sister and I stayed at the hospital last night. Danny's room is very nice and is on the 10th floor which has been recently renovated with a pull out sofa type sleeper. Dad is on the 5th floor with a roommate that was up all night getting a blood transfusion and only a single upright chair. So I slept until 3:00 in Danny's room and then switched with my sister so she could get some sleep. The tag teaming seemed to have worked well. It is amazing how your perception changes when you realize how much you have truly been given. While the bed I have been sleeping on has been tough it is SO much better than a chair.

Danny is really doing very well. He has only been sick a little (compared to before) and each episode has not been too bad. He seems to be gaining strength and looks a little better everyday. Dr. Anagost said today that he had a schedule laid out and if all goes well Danny might be able to go home Monday. Whoo hoo! He needs to be able to keep the vomiting under control and also be able to take his medicine by mouth with no issues. He will come home with the TPN feeding but that shouldn't be too bad as we will hook up only at night while he is resting. It is a slow process but we are in a much better place today than we were 3 weeks ago. We are so thankful for his continued healing... not just physical but emotional too.

The fever has been gone for a few days. His arm is healing nicely and he has not had any issues with the new PIC line. We expect everything to only improve. Today is the 4th day of his treatment this week. In the past, Thursday and Friday is when things really started to take a turn for the worse. We are praying this is not the case this week. We expect a very good day!

I continue to be amazed at the support we have. So many of you have helped out in different ways. We really could not be as strong and together without you. Thanks for thinking of us and being available to help!

Thanks Beverley for being a lifesaver yesterday! Your taking care of the girls was a HUGE help in the midst of the storm. Sonny, my brother in law is such a trooper. I am sure when he married Christy he never dreamed he would be Mr. Mom at home taking care of all 4 of our children giving baths, washing clothes, and managing two households. The Lord has truly blessed Christy and I with wonderful husbands and their families!

We give the Lord all the praise and glory for His continued blessings. I am so thrilled Danny is doing better. We know he is not out of the woods yet but even still his condition is wonderful in comparison... each step forward the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little brighter.

Having run a marathon (26.2 long miles) I remember the first part of the race was easier because you knew what you needed to do and mentally you were prepared... 1/2 way through you begin doubting yourself and the possibility that you would finish... 3/4 of the way through the race you realize (not only are you crazy but) that it is as much a mental feat as physical and you get small bursts of energy that give you the strength and desire to finish and the last stretch is horrible and wonderful all at the same time. You are so tired and worn from the race but you want so badly to finish... you MUST finish for the medal otherwise it all will have been for nothing.

Danny is running mile 14 looking toward 15 & 16 in his race and is doing well. We know that the last stretch will be hard because you become anxious, excited, and physical beat all at the same time but the PRIZE is worth it so he will push hard and will cross the finish line with so many cheerleaders there. It takes all the supporters yelling your name, encouraging and cheering you on to push you to finish line when you endure such a long physically challenging race.... THANK YOU for being Danny's supporters! We will celebrate!!!!

Yes, James you are right... God is good... all the time!


  1. Goodness Regina...what's going on with your dad? Let us know how to pray for him as well! You have such a way with words...I thank God for giving you such a way of seeing the good in all situations. You are truly an inspiration and I can't say enough about Danny's strength as well. I wish I was there to help you guys. It completely breaks my heart that we are not there. I am very glad that you have such wonderful friends and family there!! Love you guys and hope to get there soon to see ya- give the kids and Danny our love!!!

  2. Regina, I didn't realize you were a marathoner. What a great analogy. You have been so inspiring in your faith through all of this. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  3. Hi Regina,
    I'm glad things seem to have improved this week for Danny. Again you continue to encourage and inspire me. What an excellent illustration of the fight you and Danny are in as well as Christians in general. We do need each others to spur each other on.
    We had a tragedy here late last night. One of my church members, Justin Baker had a heart attack last night on the softball field. Justin is 25 years old. He's now in Charleston, SC at Ashley Tower. We don't know how long he went without breathing. The drs have reduced his body temperature to ~36 degrees for the next 36 hours to prevent swelling. After the 36 hours they will start warming him up so they can evaulate him. Justin is suppose to get married early next year. He is our local bank manager. Please keep him, his finance Fleming, and his family in your prayers.
    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us. Love you both!

  4. Let me clairify... I am not a "marathoner"... I ran (walked, crawled, limped) A marathon for the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society several years ago. It was a good cause. I enjoyed the journey and would like to do get back to running but I damaged both my knees... maybe one day.

    James I am sorry to hear about your friend. We will pray for him & his entire family. How devistating... but they need to remember this situation is completely out of their control and they must TRUST the Lord who LOVES him. Peace is found once TRUE surrender has occured. I am sorry that your friends are having to go through this but it is a situation in which the Lord can be glorified and draw each member of their family closer to the ONE who loves like no other!