Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home... Sweet Home!

We are Home!!!! Yeah!!!!

Yes, we are finally home. What a blessing to be with our family! The children were very excited and somewhat surprised to see us come home. I think they were prepared for another month just as we were.

The transition home has not been without its setbacks. Yesterday afternoon Danny started vomiting again. We were hoping it was just the extra movement, the schedule change in his medications because I had to get the prescriptions filled, and the fact he had some company last night from his family BUT it has continued this morning. He did seem to settle through the night a little and not feel quite as sick. It sometimes seems the pattern of vomiting does come when there is a lot of activity or noise around so I am going to work hard with our children to ensure a quite home. For those of you who know my children know this is going to be a challenge... they will have to resort to what life was like when Danny was on 3rd shift. It was tough but they can do it.

As we prepared for bed last night my excitement of sleeping in my own bed quickly turned to stress. I realized I was now responsible for making sure he had his medications through the night and on time. During the day is not too tough but he gets some sort of medicine about every 2 hours. I had to set my alarm and pray that I didn't sleep right through it. Well, I didn't... in fact I hardly slept at all for fear of not waking up. He received all his medicine on time, praise the Lord.

We did have to come home with the TPN feeding. I received a quick training yesterday before we left the hospital. There is a little more involved than I thought. I have to add the insulin & vitamins with needles & syringes to the bag of TPN before hooking to the machine and then to Danny. The pump is another fun animal to deal with. I am sure it will all be fine once I am comfortable with the routine.

Last night the home health nurse was supposed to come and train me again but unfortunately she had an emergency and didn't get to our home until around 9:30. So for the sake of time she handled everything while I watched. The feeding is a 12 hour process so she returned this morning and showed me how to detach everything. She will come back tonight and it is my turn. You know... I never wanted to be a nurse, never thought I would have to be on this level, and truthfully still have no desire to be a nurse completely responsible for someones care. It stresses me for sure. Hopefully, we will only have this to deal with this part for at least a week no more than two. In talking with the nurse she told us that some people have to be on TPN for long periods of time and some folks forever. Wow! I am so thankful for our health! Even though we have hit this storm along our way we know that smooth sailing is ahead... what a blessing from the Lord!

Danny was a little apprehensive about leaving the hospital and a little disappointed as well. He was concerned about getting home and getting sick again. He knew that he didn't really feel well enough to come home. He was still very nauseated but he had not thrown up in about 30 hours so they felt it was time for him to come home. It is just a matter of time for him begin to recover. It takes 30 - 45 days for the chemo to leave your body. Once the chemo is gone he will still need to recover from being so sick and weak. His body has been through so much and is in such a compromised state it will not be a fast easy recovery. He will have to build up his muscles & stamina again. Just walking from the hospital to the car took a lot out of him. Danny realized how weak he really is.

I think that is part of the disappointment. He wanted to feel good when he left the hopsital. I think he thought he would at least feel as good as he did the first time we left. But remember that was after his very first long week of treatment. His body has received 3 times that amount of chemo so it is going to take longer. He was hoping he would be able to walk more, eat some, and feel better. I am hoping that he will begin to make great strides the next few days. Each day will be easier if he feels the improvement and gets to feeling better... even if it is just a little.

We want to thank everyone for keeping our family in your prayers. We are so thankful to be home and on the mend. We can see the Lord working in so many ways. Just as I begin to feel down the Lord uses something to remind me of how fortunate we truly are. When you hear the word cancer your life begins to flash before you and you really start to think the worse.... but from the very beginning we have been assured that we could beat this cancer... and from the very first time I heard those words I have been giving God thankful praise... because we realize it is by His grace and His mercy that we will enjoy freedom from cancer. What a day that will be... we will be able to celebrate the gift of continued life.. one that is enriched by a new found appreciation!

No matter your situation, no matter your circumstances, no matter your obstacles, there is always reason to be thankful!


  1. have such a way with words and you are a living testament to faith! I know you're relieved to be back at home. Please, please call me if you need anything.

  2. I am so glad you guys are home. Regina you are doing such a great job and are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. We will keep you and Danny in our prayers.