Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleep... sleep... sleep

The turning point has arrived… Thursday night was a difficult one for Danny. He was sick for about 3 hours but then was able to rest because of all the medication. Friday morning he was sick again. He had a great “chemo nurse” that is very knowledgeable about what works and what doesnt. She kept the right meds on board the entire day and Danny has been able to sleep. He is sleeping almost non-stop and that is so much better than vomiting. Praise the Lord we finished the last treatment for the week. What a relief… even though he has gotten sick Danny is still doing well overall.

I don’t really expect to go home on Monday since they have not been able to get him off the IV drugs & right now he is very reliant on them. I do, however, feel like we are in a much better position at the same point in previous treatment weeks. I am actually hoping we go home maybe mid week or by the end of this coming week.

Today he has slept a lot but has gotten pretty sick at different times. The doctors really do not want him vomiting. Each step backwards takes extra steps forward to recover. He is still receiving all the medications they can offer. The TPN feedings are still going very well. Yes, it is disappointing that Danny has started getting sick again but we are so thankful that he is getting the excellent care from the doctors & the nurses. It is a huge relief for me for us to be at the hospital where he can get everything he needs. We will continue to be thankful for the blessings we experience every day… sometimes it is the smallest of things but the impact is huge.

Today, I was fortunate enough to get to travel with my kids to Kinston. Yes, Kinston… I know there is nothing here but Summer is playing in a softball tournament. It has been a nice time with my children. We have enjoyed spending time together and I have had fun catching up on what has been going on in their lives. I couldn’t have come this weekend if it were not for 3 special people in my life who are such a great support & are willing to sacrifice so much. Sandra is taking excellent care of Danny. Christy is doing her best to make Dad behave and do as the doctors have asked (that can be a tough job). Today my niece, Raegan had a softball game too so Beverley volunteered & was willing to give up her Saturday to sit with my Dad so my sister could be there. Thanks ya’ll!

We had a rough time with my Dad on Wednesday & Thursday, especially through the night. But things have started to turn around and he is doing better but they are still not sure what is causing the severe chest pain. They have been running tests and giving him pain meds. They can’t send him home until he is no longer on the IV pain medicine. They ran a CT scan today so hopefully we will get some news tomorrow.

Another blessing… thanks so much to my father in law, Larry and Danny’s brother Bud for repairing both our vehicles today. Since Danny has been in the hospital, both vehicles have had a little trouble. One needed brakes very bad and the other needed a battery installed. (Sorry Freddy, I know you have offered many times.) It is amazing how many things you take for granted when things in your life are normal.

I continue to be humbled by everyone wanting to help us. It is a tough position for me… I like to be the one helping not needing or accepting help. I know that each blessing is of the Lord and is because of His prompting and your willingness. Thank you for being available and willing. Your sacrificial support and love for our family has been such a sweet reminder of how blessed we are. You have enriched our lives through your immeasurable support. The number of people that have been praying for our family blows my mind. We know that when God’s people call on His name He listens… please know that He is truly honoring your prayers.

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  1. Thinking of you all today and wishing Gods Sweet Blessings on each of you. Even in the midst of the darkest of hours you let God shine through with his great possibilities. Wishing you all good Health, Happiness and Strength to see it through. God Bless, God Speed, In my prayers today and always, Love Jamie MABE Fitzsimmons :-)