Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better days....

I am sorry there hasn’t been an update in the past couple of days. Things have been a little crazy for me personally. I had the privilege of staying at home last night with my children. Sandra, my super Mother in law stayed with him at the hospital so I could go home and rest. It was very nice. The Lord must have known I needed some nice sleep.

I spent the day with my Dad at the emergency room, doctor’s offices, and now the hospital. Yep, my Dad is here at the hospital too. My sister is downstairs with my Dad & her husband is at home taking care of all of the kids and getting things together for school tomorrow for all 4 kids! My family is a super blessing on so many levels.

Yesterday and today, Danny has had pretty good days. He ate like crazy Tuesday. He woke from a dead sleep to eat almost an entire meal. He did get sick last night but then he rested through the night. He then was sick a little this morning before treatment but it subsided and the treatment went very well. He has eaten again today and has been sick a little this evening but is resting now. It is better when he has something on his stomach when he gets sick instead of the retching on an empty stomach. Even though he has been sick it has not been as bad as what we went through 3 weeks ago.

We have been on track with the treatments and that is great news. He has also been receiving his TPN feedings and he seems to be feeling better. The doctor hopes to have Danny off of all the IV medicines when he finishes his chemo on Friday… and if all goes well on Saturday… he may get to go home Sunday. Please pray with us that he will keep doing very well and will have the opportunity to go home and not be too sick. We are ready!

Thank you for being our prayer warriors. Our family has certainly had a tough time lately but I have faith that the Lord will not let us fall. He loves and cares for us… we will be just fine!

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  1. I am thankful that things are looking up once again. Hopefully it will continue that way. I am glad that you got a good night's sleep, especially considering what you had to deal with the next day. God does know what is happening and He definitely gives you what you need to face those things. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer, as well as sending many hugs and much love. Hope to see you on this side of the river very soon, and praying that your Dad will soon be better.