Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Journey Continues

Last night Danny was a bit restless but the sleep was good while it lasted. This morning Dr. A decided to order the steroid that he has been taking with his pre-meds to be taken on a more consistent basis. This is also the steroid that he received the day that he began feeling better before. There is concern with taking a steroid on a long term basis so I feel that is why he was so hesitant to do so before now.

If Danny is about the same we believe the GI specialist will go ahead with the endoscopy. They will be looking for anything abnormal along with any tears or lesions that may have occur ed with the vomiting and retching. Danny is not looking forward to that test but he found out this morning that he will be asleep.

They have continued his TPN feedings. That seems to be going well. He did get another insulin shot last night but they feel they will have that worked out soon.

We did ask the PA this morning "what stage Danny's cancer was in the beginning"? She was hesitant to answer but she did - Stage 4. She said she didnt want to tell us because stage 4 is usually really bad. You have a long way to go from stage 4 to "cancer free" BUT he is young and otherwise healthy. Which is why they are staying on course for his treatment, they do not want to give up the progress made. They truly do expect him to be cured! We do too!

We are just holding on praying for better days ahead. If he is not able to take meds by mouth I am not sure when we will be able to go home. In talking with the doctor this morning he feels that our expected (& hopeful) course may be to spend the week after his long treatment in the hospital during his next 2 courses of chemo. I am hoping that is ALL we have to spend in the hospital. Of course, we need to get better now so we can go home & rest up for the next tough round.

We have had wonderful nurses! The Lord knows just who to send our way. One special nurse that has unknowingly comforted me in so many ways is Sharon. It takes special people to be able to take care of strangers and do it with genuine compassion & concern BUT she is extra special in that she not only has taken care of Danny but me too. The 10th floor nurses are true angels!

Thanks everyone for your prayers! We are so grateful for each of you & how you have made an impact in our lives!!! We love you!


  1. Regina and Danny, stage 4 had to be hard to hear but I want to give you proof of God's greatness to help you keep your head up. My mother was given less than a year to live and I was walking through a small village on my way up to Mont St. Michel in France when I saw a small church built into the side of the mountain. Something called me in so I went in to pray. The church was empty but as I prayed so hard that my mom would be spared, a voice said to me "She will be okay." I turned around expecting to find a priest. No one was there. The church was still completely empty. It has been 20 years since that day and my mom is still alive and kicking and completley cancerfree. God really is great. Please keep your faith and know we are all praying of you and your family.

  2. Remember that 4 is only a number. Danny is indeed young and strong and he has the best family in the world helping him(next to mine)and most importantly he has the greatest God, the only true God, the great physician, the all sufficient one.
    Love ya

  3. God is the healer and I am one of the warriors keeping you in my prayers. May God give you the strength you need to keep fighting. God Bless, Love Jamie Mabe Fitzsimmons

  4. Regina & Danny,
    Yes stage 4 is hard to hear. My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer 7+ years ago. It too had metastisized and her 5 year survival rate was very low especially because she was already 70 years old. You can't dwell on the numbers or statistics. My mom has survived 7+ years thyroid cancer free. She has a new battle ahead of her now. Stage 1A lung cancer. While we are all estatic it was caught in stage 1 (by accident & incidentally)nevertheless there is that ugly word cancer again. I know she will get through this. And I pray for you & Danny alot and I know he will get through this too. You have a close family and strong faith and that makes a big difference when fighting this disease.
    I completely understand the hesitation about the steroids. In 2002 I started steroids after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. They helped tremendously put the disease in remission but yes I still deal with issues due to long term steroid use. I had to start them again in 2006 and this time remained on them even longer (another autoimmune disorder) and again the benefits outweighed the risks at the time. I took the steroids at the time because they did help alleviate the pain and inflammation I was encountering. But I gained 65 lbs (again just another #) and I have to have eye exams twice a year and bone density tests yearly. I have fractured bones in both my feet and I have to take extra vitamin D supplements. But I AM ALIVE and I AM FREE OF PAIN MOST DAYS!! I enjoy my days with my friends and family, especially my two beautiful kids! That's what you & Danny have to just think about. The benfits DO outweigh the risks.
    Again, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily & you are in good hands with Dr. A!!!