Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Sunday!

As I sit and take in the view of Wilmington from the 10th floor of the hospital it is a sweet reminder of the Lord. You know as I see the city as a whole I tend to not pay attention to the small happenings going on below. I am just content taking in the beauty of the view and the amazement of God's creation... I can see the "big picture”. I can’t help but relate that to how the Lord must see our situation. Even though He is aware of the smallest of details in our everyday struggle with this cancer I am sure He does not let that distract or concern Him or even take away from His view… He can see the "big picture" and can see the situation as a whole... and knows that it is beautiful!

Danny had a restful night last night with no sickness. This morning we started with an early morning walk “around the block” as Danny says. We expected he would have the PIC line put in this morning but then morning came and went. We saw the doctor on call for a second as he told us to hang in there they were going to do the PIC line today soon so we would be ready for chemo in the morning. The nurse came in about 45 minutes later to tell us they would do the PIC line tomorrow morning and start chemo in the afternoon because they do not have anyone available today that do the PIC line today. Danny's case is a little different in that the VAT team will not be doing the procedure as normal. They will be using an ultrasound during the placement and will need to make sure all goes well. The nurse explained it is because it is kinda a "one time shot" deal due to the fact his other vein and port had issues. We knew Danny was a special person but little did we know he would create special issues & situations along the way. :)

Good news… Dr. Testori also told us the MRI came back clean. Thank the Lord for an excellent report. We know now we only have to deal with this cancer and the chemo. If they had found something in the brain we would have to address that as a new issue - what a blessing! Thank you for locking arms with us and praying... the Lord is faithful!

Danny finally received his lunch and they brought him the wrong food. He had fried chicken, green beans, chicken & pastry, cookie, chocolate pudding, & a nutrition drink (Boost style). Well he was starving and wanted to try some so he did. The greens beans & pudding were his food of choice. He did well and was able to keep it down even though he was not feeling great afterwards. He really wants some pizza and French fries but that will have to wait.

Dinner time he tried to eat a potato on his plate and that was all it took to make him sick. This vomiting episode was short but was just enough to make him start feeling bad. He is still running the low grade fever but it doesn’t seem to be a huge concern since they have given him so much antibiotics.

The new IV is holding up well so far too. He is able to receive his fluids, antibiotics, and medicine with no issues at this time. Another example of the mercies the Lord provides.

Danny had a lot of visitors today including his 89 year old grandmother & Aunt from Whiteville. We truly enjoyed each visit. It means so much for friends & family to sacrifice their time to come visit. Today was a good day to visit. We had a good time laughing with our children as they entertained our friends, Freddy & Gwen. Danny had a couple of friends from work, Stan & Randy visit. It was an encouragement to me as much as Danny. Stan shared he knew exactly what we were going through as he has personally been effected by cancer with his immediate family in two different situations. As a caregiver he offered much support & comfort. Later, we even had a visitor we didn’t know that is a church & family member of Stan’s. He has been praying for us and wanted to put a face with the name… Wow!

We know the Lord hears and answers. Danny told a friend today that he knew he was in the best shape of his life right now... because more people than ever have been praying to the Lord on his behalf! We have so many here at home praying but many of you have asked friends & family across the nation to pray, we know we have people on the other side of the world praying. We received an encouraging phone call today all the way from Cambodia. James & Lynette Cottle are very close friends of ours that are missionaries. They have been joined in prayer by their missionary team and local Cambodian Christian friends. It is so humbling to know that we have so many people are praying for us.

When we lay our head on our pillow at night we never question if the sun will rise in the morning, we rest in full confidence knowing it will......

...... with that same confidence and peace we fight this cancer!

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