Friday, September 25, 2009

One Down & One To Go

Yesterday, I was able to take my Dad home. They never could find what was going on with him for sure. The doctors are suspicious it is costrocondritis. This is what they diagnosed Danny with originally for the first 3 months. So naturally I was a little concerned BUT they ran all sorts of tests and feel pretty sure this is the case and it was brought on by the horrible fall from a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, they gave him about 10 shots in his chest and he is some better. They hope he will continue to get better over the next couple of weeks. What an answer to prayer. The Lord is so loving and gracious.

So I have one down and one to go... in way of leaving the hospital and getting settled at home.

Danny is getting a little better each day but he really doesn't feel that he is. It is taking much longer for the progress to be seen and he wants to feel better on a much faster pace than his body is allowing at this time. I think that mentally knowing our treatments are almost over created a mirage... a false sense of we are almost over and then I should start feeling great. Truthfully it is going to take a long time for Danny to recover. His body has been through so much and will not bounce back overnight or over a week. He is a bit frustrated and disappointed.

The doctors are really feeling that we should be going home soon... maybe today or over the weekend. Danny wants to or had hoped to go home in much better shape than he is now. We will go home with the TPN feeding and possibly some other medical instructions. He is very weak and is still extremely nauseated so he is not eating or drinking anything. Just a trip to the restroom is tiring and a shower is exhausting. I understand that it is going to take months for his body to recover from the trauma of the chemo. His treatment included some really nasty drugs. Danny realizes this too but is so disappointed.

I am excited... the thought of going home and having my family back together is wonderful. I cant wait to sleep in my own bed. We have been here for 29 days. Wow! Alot has happened over the past 29 days.

Looking back... when we first came in the goal was to get Danny to stop vomiting. Then the goal was to nurse his body back to a "new healthy" that was stable enough to continue treatment. We then started treatments and was able to stay on track for each one. Because Danny was so sick it caused his doctor to question the idea there may be a better way. In his research he realized we could be finished with our treatment one round early. The entire stay has been a roller coaster ride for us... Guess what... we absolutely love to ride roller coasters! This is a ride we never forget!

We will see how things go today and will hopefully be going home soon! Praise the Lord!!!

Thanks everyone for your continued prayers and support. We have been blessed in so many ways... you have truly touch our lives in ways we never expected or imagined. We have not been alone in this fight and that is priceless! THANK YOU!


  1. It is so good to hear that there is so much progress even though Danny's body and mind don't really feel it. I know how that is-after my surgeries I didn't think I would ever get better, and it is so frustrating and disheartening. That was much less short term than his recovery will be, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be healing. God is indeed good, and His plan is much better than ours. Still praying and expecting full recovery! I'm glad your Dad has a diagnosis, and is home. You really do recover better in your own home.

  2. Can't wait for you all to be home and somewhat "back to normal". I can't wait to spend some time with you all as well...we'll have to work on that- maybe no camping anytime soon-but definitely a visit! Love you all and know that we are lifting you ALL to THE Healer