Sunday, November 15, 2009

Continuing to Celebrate!

The fact that Danny is cancer free has become more real every day. I think at first I was so shocked because I had prepared myself for another fight with cancer. I just knew that with the pain being present and increasing almost daily there was no other answer for it. So when Danny said "the tests are negative, I am cancer free" I was shocked. Certainly not because I thought the Lord would not answer our prayers and heal his body but because I wanted to be ready for whatever was coming our way. Another round or two of chemo would change a lot of things for our family so I knew that I needed to be ready for whatever was ahead.

Thankfully, I am now preparing myself for a different chapter in our lives... learning to enjoy the complete healing and restoration of Danny and his health. I was telling a friend in Sunday School today that while I do realize all that we went through, at this point it is just a memory... we have not dwelt on those tough days but have continually looked forward to the morning when the Lords mercies are new every sunrise!

The Lord promised He will never leave us nor forsake us! In the dark days we knew He was right there lifting us and keeping us strong. We know that our positive outlook and willingness to fight didn't come from our own will but through the gifts of strength and encouragement from the Lord.

We have so much to be thankful for! The Lord has taught us so much through this time in our lives. Danny has said several times "that while this was a difficult time for us, it has been a great experience". I am sure that sounds a little crazy but the Lord has taught us so much about Himself, about us individually & as a couple, our children, our friends & family, & our faith. Not many people have the opportunity to slow down and really focus on what is important... we are thankful we have.

The Lord has showered us with His love & provision... He has used so many of you to minister to us, sometimes I am sure you didn't even know the ways you helped us & other times your motives were very specific. Thank you for being available and willing to be used of the Lord.

We appreciate you celebrating with us. We see it in your faces, the excitement and thankfulness you have in knowing the Lord has answered our prayers. Another reminder that we have not been in this alone. So many of you have genuinely kept us in your prayers expecting the Lord to heal so the good news is not for me & Danny alone... it is ours to share!

Cancer Free.... I just keep saying it to remind myself. Praise the Lord!

Yesterday was a wonderful time & it was great for Danny to see so many people that care about him. Last night Danny was really tired from the long day at the park. He was pretty wiped out. The pain in his chest has continued to increase and has now traveled to his back as well. The pain was pretty tough last night, he really didn't sleep well. He was restless before falling asleep, he just couldn't get comfortable. He woke after a couple of hours of sleep screaming in pain. He finished the night in the recliner & has been very guarded today with any movement. Unfortunately, he has needed pain medication in order to relax and rest. We have no idea why he is hurting so bad we can only speculate. Please continue to join us in prayer for complete healing. We have an appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Anagnost and I suppose at that point we will know his line of thinking and what our immediate future holds. I can tell Danny is a little anxious and is ready for the appointment so we can move forward.

We are continuing to trust the Lord and praise Him for His greatness & mercy!

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  1. I hate that the pain is not any better :( We WILL continue to pray for complete you guys so much and can't wait to see you again- hopefully sooner than later! Thanks again for letting us hang out!!