Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

We are praying for great weather tomorrow! We are very excited our friends & family have worked very hard to put together "A Day in the Park" with our family. We are looking forward to seeing so many of our friends that we have not seen in months... so come on out and join us. There will be food, an antique car display, local bands, a local DJ, a drawing for a diamond bracelet... just lots of fun! We would love to see you. Oh, it is at the GE park across the street from the plant on Castle Hayne Rd. The bands will start playing at 11:00 and the food will be ready around noon.

Danny had his scan on Monday and it went very well. He did not get sick as I have feared so that was a nice blessing. We were not sure when we would hear the results. Naturally, we were concerned because the pain has returned and continues to worsen. BUT... we received a call from the nurse with the results they did not want us to have to wait until our appointment on Tuesday. DANNY IS CANCER FREE! They did not see any cancer on the scan... praise the Lord! He definitely answers and has been so merciful to us! Tomorrow will be a great time of celebration!

We are not sure where the pain is coming from. We are suspicious that there may be some damage in his chest bone due to the size of the mass. Of course, we don't know for sure and we are not doctors... we are just grasping at straws. We will address the pain when we meet the doctor on Tuesday and see where we go from here.

Danny is getting better and better everyday. His strength is increasing and his nausea is decreasing. Sometimes he feels nauseated but most of the time he is able to keep it at bay. However, he did have a couple of rough days this week. We did not realize that little patch behind his ear was helping so much. He removed the last patch and we didn't know we had run out but we found very quickly how much it helped. Once he got his new patch he was on the mend. That little patch is also what is making his vision blurry... so that is good news too. We know when he is able to come off of the patch his vision will improve, he will still be blind but not quite as bad. ;)

We would like to thank Lisa, Donald & everyone from GE, & our many friends & family that have worked so hard to make tomorrow such a special time for us. Also a huge thank you to all the folks & companies that have donated their time, talents & resources to make the day possible. We cant thank you enough for your many sacrifices... it is overwhelming & means so much to us!

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